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The Europass Mobility is a personal document, which is used to record an organised period of time (a mobility experience) that a person spends in another European country for the purpose of learning or training.

Who might use Europass Mobility?

The Europass Mobility is intended for any person undergoing a mobility experience in a European country, whatever their age or level of education. Europass Mobility might be helpful to you if you are undertaking any of the following:

a work placement in a company abroad

a student undertaking a term abroad as part of a higher education programme

a worker undertaking a voluntary placement in an NGO

Who is responsible for completing Europass Mobility?

The Europass Mobility is monitored by two partner organisations, one in the country of origin and the other in the host country. Partners might range from universities, schools and training centres to companies etc. The Europass Mobility document is completed by the home and host organisations. It contains information regarding the individual, the purpose and duration of the mobility experience, the training and skills acquired abroad etc.

More information

If you are undertaking or plan to undertake a mobility experience abroad, please contact the organisation which is sending you abroad and ask them to contact their National Europass Centre.

Contact the Irish NEC.

Find the contact details of another NEC in Europe.