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The Europass Language Passport allows you to describe and detail your language skills and competences. It is a self-assessment document where you can detail your language proficiency regardless of whether that proficiency was attained formally or informally. The Europass Language Passport uses the six European levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEF) to record the level of language proficiency in a standardised format.


Complete your Europass Language Passport now...

If you would like to complete your Europass Language Passport now, please do so via the Europass portal.

Consult example

Follow the instructions: clarity, concision, layout, character fount, etc.

Fill in the fields: personal information, other language: self-assessment of your skills: reading, writing, listening, speaking, taking part in a conversation. On the right-hand side of these options, the question mark pop-up will give details of your skills for each of these fields.

Tip- Save your language passport on your computer. You will be able to update it if necessary.

For more information on the Europass Language Passport, visit the Irish national contact point for the European Portfolio of Languages and the Council of Europe's website

Further interesting information on languages in Europe can be accessed from the European Commission portal on Languages and Europe


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Passport template now